Questions and answers regarding GeloRevoice

What is GeloRevoice?
GeloRevoice is a throat lozenge that provide effective protection against irritation in your throat and
mouth (also known as mucous membranes). They provide a coating that shields your mouth and
throat from irritants and stimulate saliva production to keep your mouth and throat hydrated.

How long does GeloRevoice take to work?
When dissolved, GeloRevoice throat lozenges form a special hydrogel complex containing hyaluronic
acid, which forms a protective film over irritated areas allowing them to recover, thereby alleviating
symptoms immediately.

Is GeloRevoice suitable for Diabetics?
GeloRevoice throat lozenges do not contain sugar and are suitable for diabetics.

Can GeloRevoice be used for other throat conditions, such as a dry throat?
GeloRevoice stimulates saliva production to keep your mouth and throat hydrated, protecting
against throat dryness, hoarseness, and tickly sensations.

Where can I buy GeloRevoice?
You can buy GeloRevoice at your local pharmacy or online at www.gelorevoice.ie

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