About GeloRevoice

GeloRevoice® throat lozenges are carefully formulated with unique gel-forming ingredients, including xanthan, carbomer, and hyaluronic acid.

When these lozenges are sucked, they create a distinctive hydro depot within the mouth. This hydro depot is a dual-action composition, featuring a blend of gel-forming substances like hyaluronic acid, carbomer, and xanthan gum, as well as minerals and a gentle effervescent effect designed to stimulate saliva production.

The resulting hydro-depot adheres exceptionally well to the mucous membrane’s surface, ensuring that GeloRevoice┬« throat lozenges provide prolonged moisture to the oral and throat mucosa, often for up to an hour or more. This Revoice Hydro-Depot┬« forms a protective film on the mucous membrane, offering effective defence against further irritation.

Singers and individuals who frequently engage in public speaking quickly notice the benefits: the discomfort of a scratchy throat, coughing, and hoarseness diminish, and their voice regains its natural suppleness.

For further insights into vocal health and understanding the factors that can influence and impact our voice, explore more on this subject to gain a comprehensive understanding of voice-related issues.

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